Carte Blanche: Moving from Fear to Love

Carte Blanche literally stands for a new beginning. Every day, every moment we can choose to give our lives a new direction. This sounds quite easy, and it truly is.

We have learned to live by the principle: What do I want from life? We set goals for ourselves, then find that we have to comply to all kinds of self-imposed and societal shoulds’ and we lose touch with ourselves.

How would it be if you ask the question as follows: What does Life want from me? Who do I want to be in this life?

This is a very different starting point, which gives much more room and opportunity for what wants to unfold in your life. A huge challenge in a world that appears filled more and more with crises, competitive drive and increasing discord.
The more you are aligned with(in) yourself the more effortless life will unfold.
Being Yourself more will create less ‘shoulds’.

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You decide what it's Worth

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You decide what it's Worth

We have a limited number of opportunities each month (full=full) for individual Coaching Sessions of 50 minutes where payment is a Donation. You determine afterwards how much you want to pay. The conversation will be done using Skype. You bring a question, or something you keep running into and want to change and we will work with it together. Call or Email us to make an appointment.
We invite you at Carte Blanche Coaching to make a New Start. Right here and now. Today. Not by digging deeper into your problems or painful past, but by finding out where you stand right now and where you would like to go. Stop doing everything that does not work en start feeding energy into your potential, into wherever it is you want to go.
SOFT is an easy Roadmap for Change. We have used many different inspirations and methods in developing the SOFT method . We organize SOFT trips. A course of four evenings where we go through the four stages using different exercises.
“When you do what you always did you will get what you always got.” If you have been trying for some time to change (some part of yourself) then you will certainly recognize this. So if you want to change you have to choose a different approach: Stop what does not work and stop talking about it to others. It starts with a Decision, a clear Commitment to Yourself that your new life begins Now!

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